How to Camouflage Dark Eye Circles

16.7.20 Lagos, Nigeria

Tackling dark undereye circles is quite common amongst Africans. Some other ethnicities suffer from them too and although there are a variety of medical reasons for having dark circles around the eyes, some of the reasons are just based on where you come from.

I've had dark circles around my eyes ever since I can remember so when people see me now and exclaim about it, I usually brush them off as not really knowing me.

Fast forward to when I was introduced to makeup and decided that playing with it would become one of my favourite things to do. I learnt about foundations and concealers, their varying coverage levels, using loose powder to highlight the undereye (thank you Kevyn Aucoin) and so on. This knowledge has helped me to manage the appearance of the dark circles.

Here, I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite products to camouflage my dark circles and some skills I use too
  1. Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation: my favourite ever product for concealing my dark circles. The product leaves a smooth, light and natural finish when I'm done blending it with a beauty blender. I usually finish off with a light application of either loose or compact powder over it.
  2. Black Opal Stick Foundation: this is on my list because of how full coverage it is otherwise it wouldn't be because of how oily and heavy it is. I heard the formula has been improved on but I haven't used it in a while so this is based on my previous experience with it. An itsy bitsy bit goes a long way with this here product. You will have to set very well with loose powder after application though and even with a compact too.
  3. Zaron Liquid Concealer: so this blends beautifully but in my opinion gives light feathery coverage which needs to be layered. I usually apply 2 layers of 2 different shades (not the darkest one though) to get the coverage I need. It does make me feel like I'll need to use more product though which I'm not sure I like very much. Perfect if you have awesome skin and just want an undereye highlight and not actual coverage. Light coverage = light setting so don't go heavy on the setting powder for this one.
  4. Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation: yes, right after applying a light layer of foundation all over my face, I take a shade lighter and apply to my under eye area to fully cover and highlight. Works beautifully I might add. 
  5. MaryKay Concealer: one of the very first concealers I ever used and not bad actually. It covers well too (or maybe my skill was sub-par at that time, lol). It does try out though so needs to be used quickly and often. Can be applied with a brush but a blender is best as it dries quickly.

For now, these are my current favourites. But I'll be back to update this post as my collection expands.
What are your favourite products for undereye? Do you have dark eyes like me?
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