The Many Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

5.8.20 Nigeria

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it really is tedious to take care of. Well, ok, maybe I'm the only one who feels that way and maybe it is because I'm always discovering something new about it. 
Like when I realised I had to always moisturise it even when I would rather just wear my clothes and go, then there was cleanser, acne, toner, rose water, blackheads, white heads and finally sunscreen.

How I managed to keep track of them all is a mystery even to me for real. but sunscreen was the biggest mystery to me as I couldn't fathom why I needed another layer of moisture on my face (now I layer creme and oils without blinking, lol). Well, I managed to figure something out though - Carrot Seed Oil

Being a bit lazy when it comes to skincare
understanding the need for sunscreen after being burnt a couple of times
falling in love with moisturiser over the years and 
loving the fact that my skin is really good now
no way I was going to jeopardise that last one so I wanted to get an all-encompassing natural product that could deliver on all these 4 things. What did I find? Carrot Seed Oil

You must be wondering what the big deal is so I'll tell you
  • It has sunscreen in it. Yes, Carrot Seed oil is a natural sun protector with up to spf 40 so you can slather up with it when going out in the sun
  • It has anti-oxidant properties and anti-ageing which help to protect the skin not just from pre-existing skin damage but also from wrinkles
  • It's great for all skin types as it helps to regulate the creation of sebum when applied to the skin regularly
  •  It treats sunburns really well and they leave no scar. If you've been sunburned like me and your face looked like a charcoal mask next to your neck and chest, you'll appreciate this
  • It has vitamin C in it so helps to brighten skin as well *grin*

The last thing I'll say is you have to be sure to get an all-natural Carrot seed oil like this one here from Ajali and not an essential one as an essential one can't be applied directly to the skin.

I use this Carrot seed oil to top off my creme and on some days I apply it alone to my face. 
I really like this oil for my skin because it is lightweight, absorbs easily into the skin and lasts a really long time because a little goes a long way.
It is quite pricey so this bottle size can be the biggest size to find but it is worth it for real.
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