Republic of Foreigner Autumn Collection 'Re-Belle'

19 Mar 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

Does anyone even remember Republic of Foreigner?

They were one of my first and favourite Nigerian brands run by 2 sisters - Carmen & Selina Sutherland. They literally stormed the Nigerian fashion scene with their eclectic, gypsy style and then disappeared from it the same way they appeared.

Thankfully, I had a chance to not just interact with them but work with them and dare I say but for the period in the industry when they appeared, they were hardworking and creative. If they had survived till now, they will be blowing up social media with their content ideas for showcasing their pieces.

I was contracted to work with them way back in 2012 (dayum, that's eons ago) to work as the makeup artist for their lookbook. They sent me a mood-board ahead of the shoot day so I would have an idea of the kind of look they were looking to achieve. 

The collection I worked on with them was called Re-Belle, the idea of it was a mix of masculine and feminine, military style and flowy fabrics, dark colours and see-through style. The makeup was dark - no highlight (highlight & contour wasn't even popular then sef), even skin, defined brows and eye rims + a dark lip. The hair was cropped but with a slight feminine flair which saw it sweep a little ove their faces.

It was my first lookbook, but I had so much fun. Lookbooks are fun joo.

Thankfully, although they have disappeared, I have a piece of them as a reminder of the work I did on this collection cos I bought this chiffon still fits too which I think is awesome.

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