Pretty in Lovisa Swarovski

19 Mar 2019 South Africa

I almost swooned when I got this exquisitely simple and delicate swarovski crystal set for my birthday this year.

A friend was travelling to South Africa and I said "make sure you buy me a present because you'll miss my birthday", lo and behold, I got a Swarovski piece from Lovisa.

It is silver, it is dainty, it has what I like to refer to as a pink heartstone (or a key piece in the centre. Popularly called a solitaire).

I am the queen of simple jewellery. I like single link necklaces, studs, almost invisible jewellery really. I'm the one who wears a single, small stud earring anywhere and everywhere (my Mom finds it infuriating especially when I have boxes of jewellery). So this fits perfectly into my collection.

When I find a piece I love, I'll wear it forever.
Because I have warm undertones, I wear more gold than silver jewellery, but this set, has straight-up made it to my love list.

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