How I create a High Puff on my TWA hair with no damage to edges

21 Mar 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

My absolute favourite way of wearing my hair is in a high puff. Well, that's because it's grown way longer than before.
Technically, my hair is 1yr, 7months old now (talking to self, "I really should do a hair-versary post soon"). It has been a long journey but very well worth it. Sometimes i think my hair is fuller and healthier than it was in its previous 2 lives. Maybe because I do a lot more deep conditioning & incorporate some good hair practices like using a satin bonnet which I didn't do before.

When it comes to styling, I tend to do puffs most of the time because they are easy for me and aren't fussy. I can get them done in less than 5 minutes and be on my way. However, puffs are not the best style for natural hair because there is a tendency for it to be too tight which leads to hair loss at the edges. I've suffered this before and that's why it took me a while to start doing puffs again. Well, I kinda came up with a way to get fuller puffs which are smooth but not so tight.

I guess that's why I've been wearing puffs more often now. Another downside I had when it came to puffs was the puff itself - it always looked lifeless and listless except I had just loosed twists or braids. I kinda found a way to make it full and not so dull as well.

Haven't done a video in a while so decided to share how I do my puff with a video. In the meantime, there's also a pictorial I did (first time ever, lol)
I think I've missed doing videos and with my new setup, I had fun doing this one and I edited it in photoshop too - can you beat that?

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