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22 Mar 2019

Let's not deceive ourselves - healthy living in Nigeria is not easy.

It's a fact of life but a lot of Nigerians fail to live it. They prefer to deceive themselves most of the time.
Not only is trying to live a healthy lifestyle not easy, eating healthy is also expensive. Might as well not eat at all as the food required for diets and the like are not affordable.

In this my new healthy living/weightloss lifestyle, I've decided to do nuts. A lot of nuts.
I was diagnosed with ulcer a couple of years back and even though I don't take medication for it and still eat pepper like there is no tomorrow, I had to learn to snack.

Now I'm on a journey, I've to look for a snack that won't compromise all the work I put in so here comes Tigernuts.

I was looking for a snack that wasn't messy and was low calorie only for me to discover that Tigernuts are not just low calorie but also high in fiber. People say they cause cough but I've not had any complaint in that area since I started eating them. I prefer to eat them instead of drinking them as it provides a healthy distraction for me so I don't think of food and it keeps me busy (sometimes I even eat them one tiny piece at a time).

They are a really healthy snack - they contain vitamins, can be consumed in a variety of ways, rich in protein, help to control diabetes, aids digestion and a host of other benefits.
My advise? Just incorporate it into your diet.

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