#28daysofred | Day 2 - Miss Rosie Lips

2 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

You know how you see something really inexpensive and you have just got to have it? Yes, that is my story with this lipstick (&it's sisters)

A colleague showed up one day at work with a package deal of 6 Miss Rose Lipsticks for N500. I just had to have it. There were 3 red lippies in the package and this being the brightest of them all had the least love *covers face*
Do you see a trend here?

It is still really bright so I paired it with a brown lip liner, to tone it down you know especially as I was going to work. 

Would I go for this product on a normal day, probably not but pairing it with a darker shade looks really nice. It almost seemed like I had on a blue toned red lipstick when I was out in natural light. My outfit was really bright too so I guess subconsciously, it was what I was going for. 
The part I loved most was how it stayed on ALL DAY even though I ate a variety of things that day. It didn't move and didn't smudge at all.

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