#28DaysofRed | Day 1 - A Tonee Red Kinda Day

1 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

OMG, I'm so excited! This is my first post for this year and in soooooo long. I've missed you guys thoroughly, xoxo.
I'm reviving the February #28daysofred series and I promise not to get into 'The Dip' and let life's challenges hinder me from finishing it.

For the first day, I thought it apt to use a product I've never used before. I've had the Zaron cosmetics Tonee Red lipstick since forever. For some reason, every time I wanted to wear a red lip colour, it just never seemed like the right shade of red to wear either at that particular time or event or moment or didn't look like it would fit my complexion or something sha.

Anyway, I whipped it out and said to myself, 'girlfriend, whether this fits or not, it is going to be the first lip in the series to get to it.' It surpassed all my expectations, looks beautiful on my skin, is a soft shade of red which means it works for daytime wear and isn't over-powering.

I'm definitely going to be wearing this lipstick more often.

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