#28daysofred | Day 9 - #TBT to Red Lips & Natural Hair

9 Feb 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

I got an email that I'm to be featured in a Natural hair column and along with answering questions I had to send pictures of my hair journey from relaxed to the most recent. And that was how the search began o.

I looked high and low for my oooollllld pictures and came across these ones here while I was relaxed & while transitioning my hair. 
You know how you just can't believe it's you sometimes? That's how I feel when I look at this picture. Even my esteemed brows are a disgrace here. I don't know what's with all the matchy matchy - makeup, earrings & shirt. I still have those earrings by the way.

For some reason my transitioning caused a bit of commotion hence my need to distract from it by wearing red lipstick a lot during the period. See below 2 pictures where my hair looked marginally acceptable, lol. I'd wear no makeup, try to fill my horrible brows and pop Orekelewa Funke on my lips. I had a fool-proof method for having them stay on all day long.
I really should get back to makeup artistry. I was way ahead of my time back then with editorial worthy looks like this one I did for my dear friend Chychy. It was a gift the photographer (Sarah) & I gave her as a pre-wedding photoshoot. I used the Nouba no7 lip colour which is an all-time retro red matte lip colour. Truthfully, I think all these matte lip products were inspired by Nouba.
Just a couple #TBTs to spice up your day and mine.

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