#28daysofred | Day 13 - Red Inspiration 'Dimma Umeh'

13 Feb 2017 Lagos, Nigeria

Surprise! Surprise!!

I'm sure you are wondering what's going on right?
I've been lazy and all but while planning for this series, I planned that part of the red Inspiration series would feature some of my fav Nigerian & African bloggers..rocking red of course.

I guess this is both an opportunity to famz and to showcase some of my fav looks of theirs (which coincidentally, most of which have them rocking a red lip. I guess the gods must be crazy, lol)

So here's my first post in this year's #28daysofred series and it features Dimma of dimmaumeh.com
You guys know how much I shy away from bright lips but I just couldn't not include the 4th and 5th pictures in this series. It does seem like the matte shade muted the red but hey, that may just be me trying to justify why I've included them *grin*

For a whole year, Dimma gave us the running and disappeared from the scene. It's great to have her back better than before and churning out the lovely posts and videos we can't get enough of.
She sure deserves to be first in this Inspiration series right?

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