Video | 3 Simple & Easy Tuck n' Roll Styles for Natural Hair

2 Dec 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

With the natural hair trend and collectives for members of #TeamNatural sprouting everywhere, one would think that it would be way easier for those who carry our hair in its natural kinky, curly state to wake up everyday and have it easy. Alas, this isn’t the case as maintaining, caring for and styling natural hair is an art that needs to be learned. 

In the first phase of my Natural Hair journey I stumbled along and fumbled my hair into different styles. I must say though that almost none of the styles I happened to create were watched on YouTube.

"Let me whisper something in your ears, “you’ll most likely never be able to exactly replicate a natural hair style you watch on YouTube…unless hair pins are involved"

You know why? Because our natural, curly, kinky hair has a mind of its own!
However, you’ll learn how to handle your hair and maintain it. Considering that’s what I do most of the time, I’m happy to share one, no, 3 of the styles my hair almost automatically loosens into when I take off the plaits I do after washing my hair and applying the LCO method.
 Style 1 – a tuck n’ roll + braidouts               Style 2 – pin out tuck n’ roll                    Style 3 – pin in tuck n’ roll

Mainly braidouts, I tame them with a tuck ‘n’ roll at the back which I show you how to create….easily and finish the looks with these lovely vintage accessories which I styled here.

When I said they were 3 easy tuck ‘n’ roll styles I meant it, *grin*

I filmed a tutorial of how I created the tuck ‘n’ roll and the 3 looks above so be sure to watch the video below
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