My Gold Skincare Routine

30 Nov 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

I'll be truthful, skincare has never been my strong suit.
When I was little, I'd have my bath, wear my clothes and then rub cream on the parts of my body that were not covered by clothing. This was partly no, mainly, the reason for this. How do you convince a 10yr old that the part of the body that is covered can be damaged by the atmosphere?

When I was older...say in my twenties, I understood the need to moisturise my face so that became a ritual for me. Henceforth, regardless of what moisturiser I was using at the moment, I made sure to apply on my skin every time I washed my face.

Introduction to makeup kinda changed my life. One of the first things you discover is that the clean faced people on set of a film or a shoot are usually members of the makeup team. While that doesn't always work out this way, one thing is that when this happens to be the case, their skin is flawless *think Pat McGrath*.

Great skin is the best foundation for great makeup

Thus began my quest for great skin.
One of the results of literally decades of nonchalance is the darkening of my skin. Have you been out in Lagos sun in recent times? It's HOT! No thanks to this, getting back to my normal complexion has recently topped my list of things to focus on. When +Makari de Suisse approached me, it was the right time & perfect time.

It was tough I tell you, but finally I've come round to the realisation that as much as my face is the first thing people see when they look at me, the rest of my skin is the first thing I see when I take off my clothes and what I see is just as important, if not way more important than what others see.

  • The first thing I did was re-orientate my mind to the fact that I should love myself more than any other person. To love myself, I should be able to take care of myself. A realisation of taking care of myself is being conscious of what I put on my body as much as what goes inside my body.
  • Clean skin is the best skin. For me, clean skin begins with a clean mouth. I'm odd! I never feel clean unless I've brushed my mouth so every shower, no matter how many times a day, must begin with a clean mouth. The 24k Or Rose soap is the perfect companion to a clean mouth. The flecks of gold in the soap do get on your skin and this adds to the feel of clean try bathing in gold and you'll understand what I mean
  • My all over body moisturising technique always begins with my legs. I recently had them shaved so this is the most pleasurable part of the experience. I love to watch my skin go from dry to shine as I gradually work my way to the upper part of my skin. With a little thicker formulation than most creams, you'd think the 24k lightening cream would pack with it enough grease and oil to match the heat but nope, its still lightweight once its on the skin and is easily absorbed so I've to apply an extra layer on my legs.
  • I've never gotten quite used to serums so this is the most complicated/confused part of my new skincare routine but I think I'm swinging it great. I do have gold flecks on my skin after using this and it feels like a cross between a silicone primer and a moisturiser (you'll probably never be able to understand this until you use it yourself) but that's how it feels. With twice daily use, my chin area has gotten a lot smoother and my spots have faded. That's a relief.
  • Only die-hard skin enthusiasts use moisturiser at night. Apparently, I've become one and I love every minute of it. Same routine ie. legs to neck but this time, with not as much care. However, I do tend to slather this's night, i need my skin to be rejuvenated and refreshed and for that, I need enough product to get the job done. Thankfully, this is a lightweight cream so no worries about being sticky while trying to get a good night's sleep.
  • Lastly, to ensure the effects of my new topical skincare routine are long lasting, I've taken extra care to consider what goes inside my body and at what time so I never eat after 7pm these days. Results? I've lost weight, become lighter, fitter, I feel better, my clothes look better and my skin is brighter.
Adjusting to a new skincare routine is literally the best decision I've had to make in a long time but it has yielded awesome results which I'm only too happy to share with everyone.
I'd love to read about your skincare routine. Is it new or have you had it since forever?

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