The Look | Plum on Pink with Bobbi Brown Rich Plum Eyeshadow & L.A. Girl Tulle

17 Oct 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

I started The Look in June this year out of a desire to pair any 2 random products in my collection and see what the result would be. Considering I'm not very adventurous when it comes to makeup on myself, let's just say all 'the looks' so far will be very wearable, lol.

I'm way behind on this so it's with great pleasure I present the second installment in the series - Plum on Pink. 

I love matte eyeshadows and I'm still trying to get around matte lip products. The decision to pair these 2 was totally random but looking at it now, I guess it was because they are both matte products, shrug.

L.A. Girl Tulle matte gloss is the most shocking pink lip product I've ever had and still have. I do have products that can be mixed to create this but I'd never on my own mix this shade. I do love the brightness 'cos it makes me daring but I just have to tone it down whenever I wear it and that's where the +NYX Professional Makeup Currant lip liner comes in. 
If you've read my review of the Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadows I own, then you know how I feel about Rich Plum. It's an awesome alternative to the traditional black smokey eye and that's one major reason this is a mainstay in my stash

With my natural dark circles (which are really dark by the way), smokey eye is always my default eye makeup look as with them I don't need to even out the colour of my lids. With this look, it was super easy - one brush, pack on the lid, blend the edges, sweep the lower lashline with the remainder. Voila!
I really like how the edges toned down the darkness of the eyeshadow to reveal the pink within.
Like I mentioned earlier, a really strong bright lip + a dark currant liner to tone it down. I discovered this combo the same day I found the matte gloss in a Beauty Rev. goodie bag. I wanted to push myself away from nudes and was determined to find a way to make it work. I guess you can say I succeeded.

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