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15 Oct 2016

I pride myself on the fact that I’m able to care for my natural, kinky, curly hair without the assistance of ‘natural hair professionals’. I must admit that sometimes I’d rather have someone else style my hair, but nothing beats the bloated feeling of ‘I did it myself’, lol. I’m sure we agree on that.

There was an exception this year though, because for Independence Day, I teamed up with Dipo of Black Child Photography & Omozo of O’naturals to do an Independence Day themed shoot and so had to get my hair done by Omozo.

The day of the shoot was filled with a lot of firsts for me –
  • First time getting my natural hair blow dried
  • First time getting kinky extensions
  • First time getting my hair all styled African-like
  • First time doing a Nigerian themed look
Had to take down the satellite looking extensions after the shoot ‘cos of work but of course I was looking forward to styling them in my own way so here is what I did the very first day I took them down.
I twisted the afro kinks around and held them down with pins
This is the 2nd easiest smokey eyes in the history of makeup I tell you. Spiced my eyes with a bit of blue in the undereye area.
I'm not tired of saying how gorgeous Black Opal makes my skin look. I used it for everything in this look ie. foundation, concealer, powder and even to define my brows.
Decided to try a matte combo for the first time actually - Taos cosmetics Gold Coast + Blot Cosmetics Burnt

I'm working on recording video tutorials for all my matte lip combos. Would you like that?

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