Review | What no-one says about the Sleek Makeup Eye Dust in Vintage

26 Mar 2015

Truthfully, I'm not even going to try and go around it, I don't like powder eyeshadows. I mean, I know how to use them and all, but I'd rather not. Well, because, uhm, it's just way too cumbersome. It literally takes twice the time I'd use to apply a pressed eyeshadow so I try to avoid them as often as I can.

That doesn't mean I don't get them in goodie bags or have them sent to me, I do. Most times, receiving them just reminds me of the really nice quality some of them have. Like this Sleek eye dust. I received a while back from Sleek Studio.

It's really all Sleek Makeup products are. No one mentions the fact that Sleek makeup products are super pigmented anymore. I don't know why though but think it's a benefit that the brand can and should really ride on. A dip in the pigment and a swipe is all I needed for the swatch.
the Sleek eye dust in Vintage swatch
For a very long time I just couldn't bring myself to go round the really easy routine I created for my makeup and pick up this eye dust. But...I finally did. Even with all my concerns, I managed to swing it and created a nice look. I had to apply my makeup eyes first though and had a couple of glitches here and there cos I'm not used to it. If you look properly, you'll see a couple of missed spots where the undereye concealer didn't reach in the inner eye area. 
Sunday best with Sleek makeup eye dust in Vintage, lol
All in all, would I recommend, well yes, if there is a way to compress the product (which there is but I'm too lazy to do. Metallic shadows are not my thing so I'm sure I'll end up gifting it to someone). One major reason why I would certainly recommend it is the fact that it's super pigmented
Would I use again? I seriously doubt it. Not because it isn't a great product but because it's too much stress and I'm too lazy, lol.

What do you guys think about loose eyeshadows? Would you use them?

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