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5 Mar 2015

Definitely a wonderful year for me as the Prada Candy which has found a permanent place in my heart was a gift. I've never had anything from +Prada so I must admit that this was a rather pleasant surprise.
I'm not a fan of pink. Thought to lay that on the table first though. I've never really been a fan of pink especially not bright pink. Rose pink? more like it.

A whiff of Prada Candy gives you the feeling of having fallen into a fragrant tub of the freshest, sweetest flowers and fruits. Usually, sweet smells make me feel all icky and nauseous but this was a sweet smell which I always long to get a whiff of even when I have it on.

It was originally created in 2011. The Collectors edition of it which comes in the circular packaging + the pure pink leather bracelet was released in September 2012 to celebrate the first birthday of the hugely successful fragrance. 

Believe it or not, whenever I have this on, I feel expensive, lol. The luxurious rich pink and gold colours, and the engraved lettering of the brand name definitely adds to the feeling of luxury and premium quality. It is said to have top notes of silk musks, middle notes of vanilla and a base note of caramel but literally all the notes hit me every single time I get a whiff of it. Little wonder it is hugely successful. 

Here is an image from the ad campaign for Prada Candy. The campaign depicts this scent as being reckless, carefree and rhythmic. I say, it gives me a warm, spicy and sexy feeling. 
If hot pink had a feeling, being enveloped in Prada Candy would be it. 

I have a peculiar way I wear this scent and it lasts ALL DAY LONG. I use just 4 spritzes - behind both ears and in the crock of my elbows and every once in a while during the day, I get an oddly comforting whiff which keeps my spirits up. Lol, say what you will, this is a scent I would gladly save to buy over....and over....and over again.

Used Prada Candy yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


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