Event | Joy Bewaji's Book Reading 'What Pain May Bring'. Sponsored by Nasco

6 Mar 2015

I met Joy Isi Bewaji. Her rants on Facebook are Legendary and I got to meet her
Yes, after months of listening to Debola talk about Joy, I finally got to meet her.

It was the reading of her new book a couple of weeks ago, "What Pain May Bring" and she had posted about it on Facebook. Then she posted again that it would be sponsored by Nasco (well, with or without the sponsorship, I was still going to go). After my stint at The Nail Studio on Saturday, off I went to The Colonnades Hotel in Ikoyi with my sister.

Let's just say that it has been a while since I was at a gathering of Literary Arts minds so I was a bit unsure. Thankfully, it wasn't long before I saw a couple of familiar faces and I settled down.

The book reading aspect of the event was over because I was late but I got to listen in on a rather passionate conversation about Relationships between sexes - physical, emotional and psychological is all I will say about this conversation.
Tochi Eze and I were in UNILAG together and in the same Fellowship. I graduated before her and only recently read that she has become a quite renowned writer. Was really happy to see her as it had literally been days before that I had seen and checked her up online.
I'm not sure what I was thinking at this point in time, lol. But I daresay it is a very pretty picture
oops, testing out my amateur photography skills and I just have to chirp in the fact that Ofili didn't look too happy that I got all the shine
Toni Kan and Tosin Facuade
Unfortunately I did what i always do when going for events - went with no cash or card and so couldn't buy the book. There were also a couple of other books I'd have loved to buy. Will hunt for them and give them a good read. I've been bad with my reading of actual hard copy books. I should change my ways o
o yes, Tosin was the first person I met at the door and he called me by name to my uttermost surprise *no kidding*. I'm always awed that people take the time to remember who I am especially when we have only met on social media. I'm humbled.
no way I was missing a picture like this and it's super pretty.
Joy Bewaji and I of course
Mr. Nupowaku and I. So he thinks I'm fantastic and next to God and my family right along with some tight knit close friends also cheers me on and believes I'm all that, lol. Yeah, yeah, he stole the gap tooth attention in this pic.
gosh, this is such a lovely picture. Don't know the guy in red t-shirt but he graciously photo-bombed Tosin and I and we didn't mind at all.
ah, the Nasco goodie bags. I got one and Joy gave me another one. Was hunting for one with flakes too but only got one which I gave to my sis.
I have decided to make sure I attend more of such events. It was a pleasant outing, I saw and was seen (that's the stupidest thing I ever said I think, lol), got to meet Joy, met new people and had quite a lovely time in all. I miss meeting up with people who are in the arts. Dunno, but it gives me a feeling of still being on track.

Anyone been to any of Joy Bewaji's events or follow her on Facebook? I think she's great. She just got a new Samsung phone and I'm hoping she dives into the art of taking selfies (she'll kill me if she reads this *runs away*)

And that was an eventful Saturday indeed.


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