Opinion Poll - Where should 'Barbara, the Fashion Blogger' be?

6 Jan 2015

Hello lovelies,
I'm sure you all must have noticed there are quite a number of new projects I've been involved in. Some of them are still in the works, some of them kicked off late last year ie. creating content for The Nail Studio, Lagos in my capacity as Official Blogger, amongst other projects I'm currently working on.

Amongst other things, there is my alter ego - Barbara, the Fashion Blogger. Uber fashionable, fun, simple, girlfriend of mine. 
Well, at first all her posts went up on my tumblr blog but recently, a couple of comments and complaints have led me to think that perhaps I shouldn't have done that
Now, I'm leaving it up to you guys - 
Where would you like the fashion posts to be uploaded to? Here on barbara1923.com or should I continue uploading them to the tumblr blog? Please reply with 'blog' in favour of the site or 'tumblr' in favour of what I currently do.

I will really be looking forward to your comments as it will help me greatly. In the meantime, while I gather the poll for 1 week, I won't be posting any fashion posts.

Thanks so much guys, xoxo

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