Barbara's 2015 Resolutions

8 Jan 2015

It’s the New Year and Resolutions aren’t new to any of us. Infact, a lot of us revamp previous resolutions and say to ourselves that we will accomplish them in the new year *yeah right*

Smile less should be one of them right?
While some are of the school of thought that resolutions make no sense and people should actually take action, loads of Beauty resolutions scattered all over the internet have inspired me to perhaps make some resolutions of my own, not necessarily beauty or fashion or anything of the sort…..just resolutions *shrug*

This Year, I will….
  1. Wear a new lip colour. Maybe I should try Orange. Guess I’m not quite over my love for Tangerine Tango yet.
  2. Go out of my comfort zone and try on a pair of shorts. I never wear shorts for reasons known only to me but maybe it’s time I gave it a go.
  3. Pair my shorts with Green nail polish on my toes. I’ve always worn sane and complimentary colours on my nails like red, pink, wine etc. on my toes but never out of the box colours like green no, mint green doesn’t count. I mean it, Mint Green doesn't count at all.
  4. Grow my finger nails. I have 2 nail seasons every year when I grow my nails, binge on nail polish and then promptly cut the nails off after about a month. Well they do start peeling so it isn’t entirely my fault I guess. This year, I’m going to the Nail Studio and getting them to sort me out well.
  5. Be more consistent with my skincare. That’s a story for another day ‘story for the gawds if you like, lol’
  6. Dye my hair ombre. Never dyed my hair before. The one and only time I did my hair fell off and were uneven forever. No kidding
  7. Exercise. Is it just me or aren’t there more people out there who always want to loose weight and just never get round to it for various reasons known only to them? I won’t be one of them this year                                          
  8. Eat less. It seems tied to number 7 but trust me when I say it isn’t.
  9. Stop phubbing! Let me break it down – phubbing is a cross between phone + snob. A phubber is thus a phone snob because instead of interacting with the people around them, they pick up their phones and either text or chat or are on social media or one of those. I'm guilty of that too *shame on me*Smile less and frown more should also be included to the list don't you think.
  10. Let my brows run wild. Don’t know if you all have noticed but I have stopped trying to tame my brows by filling them and all that. I basically brush them and that’s about it. I’d love to see just how full they can get.
  11. Keep all my secrets and not spill them on Social media, lol. Let’s see how diligent I am with that one. Learn the fine art of smizing. I know +Tyra Banks will be proud of me.
  12. Dress up more often. Don’t be deceived, when I say Barbara, the Fashion Blogger is my alter ego, she really is. Most of the time I wear tees and a skirt, tees and denim, or tees and pants.
  13. Write more often. I don't write just for the blog but for other sites and publications. I'm a bit erratic but this year I've resolved to calm down and contribute more. Besides, it's more money in my account when I write more so better get on it girl *wink*
That’s enough of my resolutions. What about you?
As an aside, please don't crucify if by any chance I miss one of these resolutions *wink, wink*

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