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10 Oct 2014

The concept of lipgloss has always been alien to me. I always wonder why I can't just use a lip balm over my lipstick and if I want a highlight in the middle of my lip, what happened to another lipstick in a lighter shade. Such admissions here are usually considered unusual by some because 1) I am a makeup artist and 2) I should know better to admit such things.
But heck, this is where I have a chance to say anything I like right?

After receiving a complete set of the S.Studio Glowshine lipglosses and giving them all out sometime last year, I received this in a recent Sleek Makeup press package. This time, I decided not to be hasty in giving out as a result of my impatience with lipglosses.
wore it to work to give it a full test run.
I am not quite sure what to expect of lipglosses but this time around, I experienced what to expect (wonder if that makes any sense). This gloss is really lightweight and the silver shimmer in it is really lovely. It doesn't quite reflect light the way I would have expected but it is just fine. Apart from the in-built LED light in the cover and the mirror on the side of the tube though, I don't think it is all that. Of course, the light and mirror make it a sure must-have for nights out when one would love to re-apply their makeup. In general, it is great for everyday use, but with the light n all, a total waste. Best to keep it for use at night when out on the town.


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