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13 Oct 2014

Manicure posts are now being taken either right on top of my computer, in my car or walking down the road. Generally, in a standing position though as I seem to always be on the move or at work when I remember I am supposed to be doing a mani post. (as an aside, I will be swapping nail posts for mascara posts in the coming weeks. My nails are back to floor length and I do have a couple of mascara tubes you should know about)
I'm not sure anymore when I started loving pink. I just discovered one day that I was wearing pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, pink nail polish (I have 3 different bottles) etc. Now I think about it, it is not so bad, I guess.
I skipped the product I usually use as base coat for this mani. Can't remember why though but the Milani Quick Dry Top Coat worked really well as a base and top coat for this.

Let's all pray my nails survive the famine right now, lol. You will get to see how they look now in my next nail post (a hint: I will be reviewing a nail art pen I got at the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference)


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