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23 Aug 2014

While I have been on a no-makeup spree, I have tried to be a bit more adventurous with my hair. This is especially with the lovely twistout I got from loosing the twists Kemi Lewis did for me.
It is common knowledge that the best way to get gorgeous updos with natural hair is most times when it is stretched or in a braidout/twistout. For me though, it is easier to maneuver as there are less strays and the hair is less bulky.

After the first couple of days, packing up the twistout in various ways, I decided to attempt a tuck n roll. Now we all know how it is but I think I did good.
Basically, what I did was section my hair into 2, from the front to the back. I took a goodly portion of each side (leaving out some at the front section), beginning from the back and starting tucking n rolling inwards, holding up with pins. For the front section, I tucked and rolled outward, connecting it in front.
That's basically what I did.
Very soon, I hope to start doing hair tutorials. I realised that hair tutorials don't really need as much videography know-how as makeup ones so maybe my video calling lies in that, lol.

Hope you guys like the style.

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