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25 Aug 2014

It is kinda hard seperating actors from the roles they play in movies especially when those roles are kinda the reason why we know them (does that make any sense?).
Tomi Odunsi aka Tinsel Salewa, is one young lady who has an entirely different persona from her TV life and is on the journey to breaking through the 'Salewa' cocoon.

We hit it off after I did her makeup one-off at Music Meets Runway 2013 and have pretty much done her makeup loads of times after that when my regular job isn't calling. One of my favourite looks on her is this one which is inspired by one I did on myself previously using blue, green and pink.

We were debating what look to do for a daytime appearance at UNILAG. She wanted something colourful but also soft, I wanted soft browns with a strong lip. Looking thorough my phone for some inspiration, that picture popped out at her and she said "that's exactly what I want", lol. So that's what I did.
I did a softer version of the look for her though. Her eyelids are way smaller and hide lid colour so for this look I brought the blue eyeshadow into her inner eye area so it isn't entirely lost. Fringe lashes, finished the look.

She looked so young and full of colour and I loved it. Shame we can't play with colour on her too often as we need to properly balance the Salewa persona and the Tomi Odunsi brand.

Here are some other looks I have done for Tomi apart from Music Meets Runway 2013
#AMVCA2014 Pre-Party
Render to Caesar Movie premiere

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