Weekend Blues | #MTNMusicPlus Launch Party, Spice TV Appearance & Deflated Car Tires

16 Jul 2014

Before the week goes by and I begin to wonder what happened to it, let me share my weekend with you guys. A couple of things happened during the week leading up to the weekend though
  • Took pictures with Praise, Diana King and Sound Sultan (who also has a gap so it was a really cool picture) at the #MTNTweetGuest sessions build-up to the Launch of the MTN Music+ app.
  • Was on Spice TV as a guest on the set of the 'Spice Most' recording. I will be on the look out for when it will be showing on TV and if you'll miss it, I will get a video and post up on youtube.
  • Had the hair all up in an afro for the first time at my new job and had to cultivate the patience to answer every 'is this your hair?' question with 'yes, it is' while smiling
we both have a gap, isn't that cute?
he's so cute
I can almost swear that we'd have looked like sisters with my hair out
Before you ask, yes there are days I don't wear makeup to work (a lot of days actually) and this day happened to be one of them unfortunately. And I look fat in the picture with Diana King right?
On set of Spice Most Sought After for Spice TV.
Then there was the most talked Launch Party for the Launch of the MTN Music+ mobile app by Huawei. You bet I wasn't stressing about what to wear so I ended up with just a pink Ralph Lauren tee, denim and sneakers (as usual).

The hashtag for the party trended *whoop, whoop* with over 2m tweets and counting and we were right proud of ourselves. I am sure most of you have read about the party and all the celebrities that attended or you can just check out the MTN Instagram account here. The highlight of the night was my picture with Don Jazzy (seriously, you are missing if you aren't following me on Instagram cos Don Jazzy & I wished everyone a very happy sunday 2 days ago)
now you believe me right *wink*
For some reason, this is the only picture I have seen of Don Jazzy in a true smile, and he has a gap too, lol.
Stayed at Villa Picasso (read my review of it hereagain but unfortunately was too tired to take pictures of the room, posted a picture of the look I have when I have to take off my makeup, wash my face, pack my hair so the ends don't fall off and I go bald........
I didn't stay in the same room as before and really loved the bathroom of the new room but I was really tired and we had to check out a couple hours after the party which ended around 2am.

I packed my car in front of Aqua night club which is right beside Villa Picasso and just couldn't drag myself to drive it in after the party, came out to go home and discovered that the bouncers (or whoever) had deflated all my tires. Seriously? How petty is that? It cost me a petty change to put air back in them so I and my colleague were wonderin what the big deal was all about and why the fuss. O well, we concluded that is how they are. Next time, I will save myself the trouble and either not take my car or pack it inside the hotel compound.

Had a photoshoot with Blackchild photography after leaving the hotel and unfortunately didn't get any rest so I am way behind on my sleep even as I type this (partly the reason why there isn't any new FOTD & OOTD post from Sunday too). Met up with my girls Funke of Gifty's Daughter & Omon of Beautycook later and was thrilled to be able to hang out with them after so long. 
We are planning a spa outing together so any suggestions will be very welcome and deeply appreciated.

Lol, so that is a summary of my week and weekend all thrown in together. Hope yours was great. Will love to hear about any spectacular thing that happened. Were you at the #MTNMusicPlus launch party?

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