#MyStyle | Elsie Vintage Versatile Skirt to the Office

15 Jul 2014

Can someone please explain to me why the iPhone gets so many rave reviews? I miss my Samsung *loud sob*. My sincere apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Actually....this was the first time I wore my versatile Elsie Vintage skirt. It was a rainy day and usually I look for brown to wear but on this day I wanted something especially bright. You can imagine how bright I made the office look on that day.
Got one of my colleagues to take the pictures (2 different colleagues actually lol), and I ended up laughing a lot throughout the session.
I had just taken my hair out of the calabar (single plaits) I had it in. I did flat twists in front and a puff at the back. I posted a video on Instagram which you can check out right below
Skirt & Blouse - Elsie Vintage; Shoes - thrift store; Accessories - Glitter Bug & Aunty Kate; Watch - Rolex; Lipstick - Khuraira Lipstick in Passion


  1. nice hair and even nicer to hear your voice! Ghanaian subscriber!

    1. thank you, thank you so much Annette.
      I'm so excited by your comment. i have Ghanian subscribers *yippeeee!*


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