Weekend Blues & A Holiday | The Flu, #MTNProjectFame7, BellaNaija Comeback & Style Me Africa Photoshoot

29 Jul 2014

I had the flu. Apparently it has been going round my office with a colleague first and then my boss and me, who knows who will be next. Mine started on Thursday and became worse on Friday but hey I wasn't going to miss the first Project Fame show so I trudged along with a couple caplets of Panadol Extra in my body.

The first fun thing that happened to me was this 
LOL. As little as it looks, it did cheer me up a lot. We wanted to go try out posing as performers but there are still 8 weeks to go. If we did everything on the first day what would we do on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th up till the 9th week? Exactly.

Sunday brought with it some dreary weather which made me thrown on some dark tones on my face for Church
It's a holiday + I am a restless soul = a photoshoot with me as the photographer's assistant on the first day of the public holiday. Here is a picture of me at the shoot which was in Intercontinental Hotel and a collage of BTS images
Still testing my skill with food photography, here is my breakfast at the hotel (and the waiter conveniently didn't bring my change even though I was there till 6pm. *mental note*)
how did I do?
Work resumes tomorrow, just had to play with some makeup especially since I didn't do anything else (still have loads of pictures to edit for posts). Posted it on Instagram. Did you see it? Did you like it?
Before I head off, in the same vein as being back from my long BellaNaija article hiatus, I posted a TBT last week which was actually on BellaNaija a couple years back. I am back on BellaNaija, writing Beauty How-Tos. The most recent one is BN Beauty: Goodbye 32, Hello 5! The Basic Makeup Brushes you Need. Do check it out.
all the discreet traitors of my natural hair say they like my hair here and I should go back to it. Imagine that? This was taken at the opening of the BM|Pro Ikeja store.

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