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25 Jul 2014

In recent times, especially with my new job, I have discovered a new interest in music (not love, interest). In this new interest, one of the artistes that constantly puts a smile on my face is Waje. Watch her new video featuring Tiwa Savage. Omawunmi & Bryan play cameo roles.
There is no way I was going to skip reviewing this video especially with its styling which is very 1950s and so within my fashion love scope (i love all things vintage remember?). I must admit though that the first thing that came to my head the moment I saw the video was - Temi Dollface (talk about branding).

Haven't read any proper reviews of the video, here are my thoughts on it though
  • Waje: I have never seen Waje in a feminine role. Hey forgive me but her performance at AMVCA solidified my belief that we are very alike and regardless of what you may see or think, I am very tomboyish. Seeing Waje in 50s ladylike fashion wasn't really a shock but it definitely made me want to watch the rest of the video, lol. Her primping was on point too. 
  • Tiwa: Queen of uber sexy. I love how she played a feature role very well. She definitely rocked the bustier very well and as for pounding yam....
  • Styling: I give it to Bubu for the styling of this video. Waje's body shape and figure was beautifully complimented. I absolutely loved the leather tights she wore in the final scene and want to steal the skirt she wore in the first scene. Tiwa definitely rocked the bustier which I am sure we all agree with. The attention to details is amazing, did anyone notice the scarf tied into a perfect bow on Waje's bag in the scene where she was dusting the car? or the slight touch of colour blocking? I will try not to talk too much about the accessories which were amazeballs. check 1.38/39 *drool* While trying to get into the mood of the video, Joyce did a great job with the makeup which is very vintage style by not being too overpowering on the ladies. The quiet but power colours used on their lips ensured that their pouts always stood out.
  • The Video: the production of the video is in line with the styling so as not to have too much of a modern, crisp, clear feel over the vintage style. This helped me get into the mood of the production. The direction is beautifully hilarious. The fight scene? Had me rolling in laughter especially when Waje padded her bum, lol. 
I won't join everyone to say this video was highly anticipated because I knew nothing about it until it was released a couple of days ago *tongue out*. Saw pictures on Instagram before I finally watched the video today and it caught my eye enough for me to do a review of it the very same day.

Definitely a tribute to girl-power if you ask me. The highlife feel is surprisingly appealing and will draw in the audience even before they get into the hilarious love story.
Some memes are already being created from the scenes of the video. Found these on Instagram

Director: Kemi Adetiba
Produced by Spellz
MUA: Joyce Jacobs
Styling: Bubu Ogiso
Hair: Hair Glamour with styling by Ola Hair

What are your thoughts on the video guys?

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