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24 Jun 2014

Have you watched the new Asa single from her upcoming album Bed of Stone?
If your answer is no, please watch it below before you click the jump
I am normally not into music but every once in a while, an artiste comes along and sweeps me off my indifferent feet. Asa has done it this time around with her new single titled Dead Again.

One review claims that this video is one sided and doesn't quite connect with both her Nigerian and International fans. I beg to differ and say that this video speaks to the 'class' of people Asa wanted it to speak to. If you don't understand it, then it simply isn't meant for you, period.

I watched the video a couple of days and hearing it on the radio this morning has reminded me that I would love to share my thoughts on it here.
  • Asa - Asa has changed beautifully over the years. For one, she has makeup on. Simple, nude, natural looking makeup and it makes her look less stern. She also has heels on in the video *wow*. She doesn't dance much but the little she does are really graceful unlike the boyish movements we saw in her earlier videos. She doesn't have her glasses on which leaves me to conclude that she is wearing contacts.
  • The video - Not much to say about it except the fact that I looove the simplicity of the set. I love black and white monochrome so the set along with the play on the circular light behind the dancers caught my attention. Did you notice that the only flashes of colour are on the lips of the dancers and their nails? The production? Top notch quality as you can imagine. Watch the HD resolution to truly appreciate it.
  • The styling - Does anyone know who styled this video? Whoever did needs to be applauded for the subtle but modern mix of masculine and feminine with the laceups and sun hats, the muscle top quality of the tops (especially the back) the dancers have on and then the striped bust area in front which somehow emphasies the fact that they have boobs. The lips stains and nail polish are simply ingenious. I do believe that without those little flashes of colours I might have been bored but hey, who knows.... The dress worn by Asa is also very flattering on her frame and and does her moves a lot of justice too especially when one peeps the panty-hose and heels she has on.
  • The dance - once again, I have to mention the fact that Asa danced in this video. The dance also has a mascu-femininity about it from the graceful flows of their hands and body to the curves of their back at some point. Did you notice that a quite popular dance move in this parts was incorporated into their routine? check 1.05/1.06
I spied these images from Olivier Bassuet's Instagram account (He co-directed the video)
Choreographed by Marion Motin and Directed by Melanie Brun & Olivier Bassuet, this video is just one more step to showing the height of sophistication Asa exudes in her music.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this video too so please be sure to comment.

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