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3 Apr 2014

Pretty much everyone knows that Nse is my absolute favourite Nollywood actress. Apart from the fact that she has natural hair and flaunts it with no apologies (duh, how long did it take you to realise I'm learning that from her? lol), someone also said that the picture of me in my about page looks like her *grin*.

In my opinion, she is one of the best Nollywood actresses and she is able to play literally any part assigned to her. Yes, from a school girl to a hot & sexy babe, her grace and poise is to be envied and most times when I watch her act, I am enthralled with her performance. She also won best actress at the recently concluded AMVCAs. I was looking forward to seeing how she'd style her hair but unfortunately she was unable to attend.

by far the sexiest couple picture EVER!
Well, she recently held an interview with Onobello and seeing the lovely pictures there, lemme share some of my favourite Nse pictures with you all. 
what can I say? definitely a classic
this looks so much like a selfie, lol
she looks so beautiful even with that dimple on her cheek. Looks more like a beauty mark if you ask me
so full of life
I just threw this in. Ashionye collected the Best Actress award for Nse at AMVCA 2014
Oh, the interview? You can check it out here

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