Week 2 | Khuraira Brow Definer

So help me God, I scale through ALL the backlog of posts I have. Nevertheless, I will continue to post them in sequential order, lol. Hope you all don't mind.

In my Khuraira series, next up is the eyebrow definer. 
Knowing how we are about eyebrows, this product is perfect for that natural brown brow shade that is just right. I am not a fan of pencils and steer clear of them as much as I can so eyebrow powders are my go-to products for filling and defining brows. 

Week 2 | Khuraira Cake Liner & Sealant

Ever since falling in love with MUD Cosmetics, the concept of cake liners have always been exciting. Upon discovering that Khuraira had a cake liner, you bet excitement set in.

There was not just the Khuraira cake liner in the package but also the sealant (which is used along with the cake liner to form dramatic and perfect lines & make it long lasting) and the Khuraira liner brush. 
the brush bent during shipping but still works well.

Nse Ikpe Etim - Cooking, Movies, Fashion & The Future

Pretty much everyone knows that Nse is my absolute favourite Nollywood actress. Apart from the fact that she has natural hair and flaunts it with no apologies (duh, how long did it take you to realise I'm learning that from her? lol), someone also said that the picture of me in my about page looks like her *grin*.

In my opinion, she is one of the best Nollywood actresses and she is able to play literally any part assigned to her. Yes, from a school girl to a hot & sexy babe, her grace and poise is to be envied and most times when I watch her act, I am enthralled with her performance. She also won best actress at the recently concluded AMVCAs. I was looking forward to seeing how she'd style her hair but unfortunately she was unable to attend.

Week 1 | Fresh Face with Khuraira Cosmetics

Excitement surrounded me when I received the Khuraira products and I couldn't wait to open them and use them (as always). I was most excited about the skin products as I am always on the look out for light, medium/full coverage products which look like skin.

After taking the pictures I needed to take, Instagram tins and the like, I was then able to use the products while getting ready for work the very next day. As usual, I went for a simple, clean look. Paired the Revlon Colorstay quad I got from Konga a while back (read about it here)

Sleek Studio Nigeria Press Bag

Saying this as a matter of fact, I currently have over 20 posts in drafts. I am currently going through them and the long process of editing images, resizing, uploading, editig text and all other backend stuff that my colleagues in the blogosphere can relate to.

This is one of the posts in my drafts that I have gotten to and boy am I glad I have gotten to it cos I have been very depressed about the fact that I have been unable to upload it.

So at the very first Makeup & Beauty Connect Series this year, I made sure I got to attend and got a huge surprise. Omolola Faleye had this huge bag with my name on it (yes, it literally had my name on it because I saw Barbara & 1923 stuck to it, lol).
say whatever you like but I have always wanted this bag since the first time I saw it about 3/4 years ago. Was told back then that it was only given to Sleek reps and regular people couldn't even buy it if they wanted. And now I get it to for free *tongue out suckers*

Week 1 | Khuraira Stick Foundations

After using the Black Opal stick foundations for years an loving them especially for photoshoots and in a pinch for weddings too, I was pretty excited to try out the Khuraira stick foundations.

I must say though that the shades I got don't quite provide me with the variety the 3 Black Opal shades I have do as I got one very light and then 3 darker than medium shades.
Chocolate, Rich Bronze, Sun Tan, Espresso

Dermablend Ad Campaign: Reveal Your True Self with The Art of Makeup

There I was randomly on the internet when I received a twitter notification from my Creative Director. At first, I thought it was spam but then he sent another tweet with an Adweek link and I thought "what the heck? Just check it out". 
Just a click away and I hit the most powerful makeup advertising campaign I have come across after Dove's True Beauty campaign and my first impulse was to share it right here on my site. Conincidentally, the Spice channel website EIC and I had just exchanged mails about how difficult it is to find beauty campaigns that are relatable to the African woman when this came right along (so I will be sharing it there too).

The campaign? Dermablend Professional's Camo Confessions features 2 women - 
Cassandra Bankson, suffers severe acne but is a makeup artist with a very successful youtube channel. I watched her videos at one point in time when my acne was very bad but have always been averse to too much makeup so just figured I'd always try her techniques on someone just not myself (I try them on my sister though).
Cheri Lindsay, has Vitiligo from her early years in college. We can all imagine how that must have been as those are the years when our self confidence is still being built.