A Valentine's Day Fashion Film from SPICE TV - 'Love's Wild'

We at SPICE TV are proud to present the first of our on-going series of themed fashion films and editorials, Love’s Wild - a short love story and editorial for our viewers’ viewing pleasure…

Exploring the Valentine’s Day-appropriate theme of love (the kind shared between friends, between a man and a woman, and a love of Nigerian fashion), our first ever fashion film and accompanying photoshoot features some of our favourite local brands and designers, from Lanre Da Silva, Nkwo and Bridget Awosika, to Okunoren Twins and Ayo Van Elmar.

While I missed the shoot which was done at the beautifully natural Lekki Conservation Centre, I am so proud to be a member of the SPICE TV team and proudly present to you the first episode of Love's Wild
An editorial was shot to accompany the video, you can check out the picture on the SPICE TV website.

Go Team! I look forward to being a part of the next production.

xoxo, Barbara

Want a burst of Sunshine this Valentine? Red Lips + Yellow Nails

It’s Valentine’s Day!

A day filled with roses, teddy bears, chocolate, sweets and above all, lots and lots of red. This is usually the best day of the year to be decked in red. More often than not, we opt for the red lip above all others and pair it with red pumps and a flirty dress.

While red never goes out of trend, decade in and decade out, it does get boring for me every so often. I jazz it up by pairing it with other colours. 

Have you ever really considered pairing your red lips with the most sunshiny colour in the whole world? It is the perfect combo. Quite a number of us would love to receive gifts made of gold, so why not the colour of gold? Red and Yellow. Strawberry and Lemon. Passion and Happiness. Ruby and Gold. Why ever don’t we pair them together more often?

Now, we don’t want you looking like a fluorescent on your date so no yellow on the eyes and definitely not on the lips. So we at BN Beauty, recommend that for your sweet Valentine’s Day date, you rock your staple red lipstick, this time with bright yellow nails.

My favourite red lipstick for this look is the Wet n Wild Lipstick in Stoplight Red. While being a bright red colour, it is also moisturising on the lips and suitable for most skin tones. I love the gradient it seems to give the lips when in brightly lit places. The best part? It is very affordable.

To apply, just follow these easy steps:
  • Make sure lips are well moisturised and not flaky
  • Using a red lip pencil, outline and fill the lips (the red pencil helps to intensify the colour of the lipstick)
  • Blend this into the lips properly either by way of firmly smacking lips together or using a lip brush
  • Apply lipstick directly from the tube following the outline of the pencil at the edges.
  • Blot lips with tissue
  • Re-apply lipstick
For our yellow nails, you can’t go wrong with the L.A. Girl Disco Brites Psychedelic nail polish (read my review of this collection here). It does need a couple of coats to show up though so please be patient with it. Be sure to finish it up with a good top coat like Seche Vite.

The L.A. Girl Disco Brites are also glow-in-the-dark, so if you decide to go clubbing with your handsome date, you can be confident knowing that your nails will be the only things waving like they just don’t care.

LilPumpkinPie05 shares her absolute best red lip ever for dark skin in this video. Try this for super matte, muted down red lip.
Don’t forget! LilPumpkinPie05 will be live at Social Media Week next week at Beauty Unmasked. Make sure you don’t miss it.

xoxo, Barbara

Spice TV, #MMR2013, Runway Fiesta, Productions et al

As some of you are already aware (especially if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram), I started working with Spice Channel (DSTV Channel 192) in November as In-house makeup artist & Associate Producer (Beauty). It has been totally amazing and exciting and like I always tell them, I have gone for more events since I started working with them than in my entire period as a blogger, lol.

28 Days of Red Series & Contest

Hello lovelies,
A very Happy New Year to you all and while I have so much to tell you about what has been going on with me recently, I just have to quickly chip in some quick info about the 28 days of Red Series for this year.

Last year I partnered with BM|Pro and Dami Akinyemi went home with a gorgeous makeup artist pro box filled with lovely BM|Pro goodies. This year, I will be partnering with Khuraira Musa of Khuraira Cosmetics and yes it will be a series and contest too.
Unfortunately, the items for the series and contest were held up in customs and still haven't been delivered to me *rolls eyes*, fortunately, this will provide the bloggers I will be collaborating with for this giveaway ample time to get ready for the series. We will be writing our different reviews and posting our own versions of the looks using the same products.