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4 Feb 2014

As some of you are already aware (especially if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram), I started working with Spice Channel (DSTV Channel 192) in November as In-house makeup artist & Associate Producer (Beauty). It has been totally amazing and exciting and like I always tell them, I have gone for more events since I started working with them than in my entire period as a blogger, lol.
My first event with the Spice TV team was the Johnnie Walker 'Drive of a Lifetime' event with Mika Hakkinen.
the brief was fresh and sweet and that's what Elma got.
the Johnnie Walker VVIP event with Elma on the red carpet (we had a black carpet though, lol)
Might I add that this was the moment when I realised I had spent most of my life indoors for a reason? For pete's sake, these events go on forever and I love my sleep *covers face*; ok, I need my sleep more like.

My second event with the team (and first major event for us) was Music Meets Runway 2013. It was one of the highlights of my year cos I got to hold Alek Wek around her waist and take a picture with her *dancing*.
shot hair & beauty behind-the-scenes videos at #MMR2013. this one is with Joyce Jacob
everyone was all dressed up except me because I needed help with my dress but my car was parked a distance away *sigh*
got to meet Tomi Odunsi in person and did her makeup too
I also worked on some studio and location productions (some of which I don't have pictures for cos I was working my butt off and totally forgot).
Pearl Hart for 'Spice Most'
one of the guests for 'On The Couch'
one of the guests for 'On The Couch'
This year has been pretty quiet but that doesn't mean I don't get to work. We have been to a couple of events
Leslie Okoye of Cookie Skin, Oreka Godis of Love Lounge and Dabs at the Savvy & Chic launch
and hosted ours too - Runway Fiesta
Elma looking all bronzed and glowy on the Runway Fiesta red carpet
and the occassional updates on the Spice TV website (which you really should check out as we keep it constantly updated with the latest international Fahsion, Beauty & Lifestyle updates. Our exciting Q&As are also something to look forward to. The website is www.myspice.tv 

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