Make-Up Tips ’n' Tricks: Banishing Dark circles Around The Eyes

5 Oct 2013

Am I the only one who has dark circles around the eyes? I guess not because whenever I see bad makeup, I see quite a reasonable amount of racoon eyes peeping out.You really don’t need to have a full-on face of makeup to get rid of dark circle. All you need is your ring finger and a creamy concealer either in your exact skin shade or one shade lighter.
Using your ring or pinky finger, apply light dots of the concealer on your under-eye area and blend. Depending on the exact coverage you want, you can leave it at that and or apply a little more concealer remembering to blend out the edges properly.

Some people get the concealer part right which is great but then they end up with cracked concealer eyes which is worse than racoon eyes. This can be forestalled and banished entirely by applying a generous amount of loose powder directly onto the concealed area, leave to settle for a bit and then brush off the excess. This ensures no cracks and no greasiness in that area. Trust me, it works.
You didn’t ask but I will still say, I prefer using a concealer shade lighter than the exact skin shade because of the highlighting effect it has on the face after application.
We shall discuss that in the next post.


  1. Thanks Babz!
    But must it be a cream concealer especially those of us with oily skin.

    1. My pleasure Patience.
      It can be creamy without being oil based. There are creamy concealers that also have a near matte finish or are waterproof too. So any of these will be perfect for you


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