Face of the Day: Black Smoke & Green with Asta

8 Oct 2013

OMG, I still have this post in my drafts, lol (shame on me really and truly).
This is the look I had on for the Apples & Oranges Natural Hair event.
This event was right after my Hegai & Esther Asta Gel Liner week so I was still in the mood to use the same products I had used during the week.

I had wanted to do a really dark, goth, black smokey eye using Onyx but I couldn't because of work. I decided to do an upper smokey eye look with it for the event though.

Bright green chiffon top and black suede leggings, paired with a tan ASOS Across body bag (you can view the Instagram video of my entire look here p.s. changed shoes at the last minute) and gold pointy flats from here
Blush Beauty liquid foundation
Zaron creme-to-powder foundation
Zaron compact powder
Sleek compact powder
Rimmel bronzer
Studio Makeup bronzer (gratis from Taries Beauty World)
BM|Pro eyeshadow (as blush)

Zaron brow duo
Clear mascara
Studio makeup bronzer
Asta Onyx gel liner
Black retractable pencil
Khuraira mascara

MUD Rose Clay lipstick
Sacred Nougat Lipgloss

Hegai & Esther 12pc brush set
A-design foundation brush
Gifty's Daughter dome shaped blush brush
Gifty's Daughter all over eye brush
Orekelewa pencil brush
Orekelewa powder brush
Totally loved the look. I daresay it lasted through my wash, condition, combing and weaving. Was mighty proud of it too. Gosh, I love nude lips.

Is it just me or doesn't my skin look real glowy in the last pic?


  1. I absolutely adore the last picture.I'm not a make up girl but I love to see well made up faces.

  2. It does look really glowy
    Love the look

  3. Love the nude lips and black smoky eyes.



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