Product Review|Video: Asta Gel Liners by Hegai & Esther

10 May 2013

The very first day I knew that there was an alternative to the dreaded liquid liners which are the bane of shaky hands, tiny lids and curly lashes, I knew that there is a God in heaven who had me in mind and never wanted me to go through a difficult day in life ever again, lol.
I have ever since been on the prowl for the perfect cream or gel liner. I must say that I have come across quite a number of them but today is Asta waterproof gel liner day.
Hegai & Esther is a Nigerian brand dedicated to providing makeup artistes and makeup lovers alike, healthy and germ free makeup solutions. This water-proof gel liner is also hypoallergenic thus can be used by everyone - including those with sensitive eyes.
It comes in 5 shades - black, brown, green, blue and purple (I missed out the image of one)
I must say that the stunning resemblance to my Jouvert liners is stunning except for the black which isn't matte like those ones.
I have used these liners a couple of times already and would like to say that
  1.  they make a GREAT eyeshadow base. I have not used them in place of eyeshadow but from how beautifully they blend out when I use them I won't be surprised if they are great as e/s substitutes either.
  2. they can be used for the waterline as they are hypoallergenic
  3. they are indeed waterproof (I used them in my waterline and had a bit of a hard time taking them off)
  4. These come with a short applicator brush which definitely simplifies the application process. I also use the applicator to line my waterline too.
The packaging is so-so. I definitely understand that the packaging is to accomodate the applicator but in my opinion, a vertical package would not look as bulky as this does.
In all, this is a lovely product and I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

*Products were provided for review. All opinions are mine.

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