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11 May 2013

On the day of my office 5th Anniversary - The Creative Safari; I felt I should do something different with my hair and did a mohawk for the very first time.
I also wanted minimum fuss with my makeup between the afternoon knowledge sharing session and the cocktail in the evening so I opted to do a simple look in the morning which I could easily amp-up to an evening look - simple blue smokey eye and nude lips which would change to dark eyes and matte red lips in the evening.
the mohawk and my simple daytime look
I tried out my banana powder on myself for the first time that day too. Face makeup took me about 15mins to apply but turned out really great.
the mohawk
Unfortunately I have my hair in braids now and haven't done a mohawk tutorial but here is one I found which is absolutely great and easy to understand. She actually does hers about the same way I do mine.
Here are some picture of me at the evening cocktail event
it worked and I was the first girl to get ready so I got to take loads of pictures with the boys. My boss, Victor, is directly behind me.
Yemi (Associate Creative Director), myself & Bolaji (Creative Director)
I call us "The Noah's Ark Digital Duo", lol. Kanso & I
This post is a very long time coming and I apologise for that. But I hope you enjoyed it.
You can head out to my office facebook page - Noah's Ark - for more pictures from the Anniversary.

Have a wonderful, wet saturday!

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