My Article in WOW Magazine & the cute intro Banke Meshida Lawal wrote about me

12 May 2013

YES!!!!! I got the job!
Hello lovelies, I have basically being talking about my new position as a beauty contributor in WOW Magazine; alongside the Beauty Editor - Banke Meshida Lawal who is one of Nigeria's finest makeup artists.
my contributor profile
I was a crimson colour when I read the Beauty Editor's (Banke's) little intro to the beauty section of the magazine.
I have been loving the ombre trend since last year and I saw nothing better to start my column with than an article on this which is actually a how-to achieve an ombre lip.
In case you didn't get to read the actual article in the print edition (you really should though), there is a copy of it on the WOW magazine site - All Hail Ombre!
If you have anything in particular you want me to write about in the next edition, please don't hesitate to send a mail with your request to

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