BMPro Haul & Review of HD Primer, Powder Blush, Luminous Bronzer & Long Lasting Lip Gloss

30 May 2013

Hello lovelies,
Do you all remember when Banke Meshida Lawal opened the Lekki BM|Pro store? Well I do because I got these babies from her at that store. It has been a couple months after but I am sure you will remember me mention some of them in an old post here and I posted pictures on Instagram too.
Small foundation brush (purchased by me), HD Primer, Luminous Powder Bronzer, Satin powder blush and Long lasting lipgloss

this is just a small foundation brush which can be used for applying foundation or concealer in hard to reach areas but mainly the under-eye-area. Made of synthetic bristles, i like the moderate black handle and the light-weight quality.
this primer has a whitish, watery texture. To use, foundation is to be applied immediately after the primer with no delay in-between
Delphine is a beautiful, shimmery purple, matte lip gloss. It is one of the new BM|Pro long lasting lipgloss products
remember not to sack lips together when using this or any other BM|Pro long lasting lipgloss. Patiently apply evenly on the lips
Reminded me of caked liquid gold when I saw it. it just had to be one of the products I selected.
I was not disappointed
left - with bronzer, right - without  bronzer
the best part is the way it adjusts to the skin and gives a natural  glow which is simply beautiful
knowing how recently I have fallen in love with pink blush and being on the hunt for just the perfect one, there was absolutely no way I was passing this one by
very pigmented, this was just one swipe with my finger
*All opinions expressed in this post are mine and I have not being paid to write this review

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