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3 May 2013

Even in the midst of all the chaos this week there was a public holiday for which I, my colleagues & every worker I know was grateful for. I didn't stir until 9am and didn't lift a finger until 4pm, lol.
Thank God for another TGIF and it is time for my weekly recap.
I sincerely apologise for missing last week's recap post but I assure you didn't miss anything special *grin*

Here goes with Keek first

My popular posts on Pinterest this week
3 of my favourite inspirational quotes, a picture of me and my mohawk which I did and made trend for a while a couple of weeks back and this cute space painted the colour of nature.

I managed to get a couple of pictures on Instagram this week
From top left - my saturday night look, the ombre lips I created to go with the look, Kuraira spring collection I received just today and my accidental & cute mohawk/puff.

That's all folks. Have yourselves an absolutely gorgeous weekend and don't forget to follow on
Instagram, Keek and Pinterest

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