Face of the Day: A Purple Striped Keek Day

30 Apr 2013

Between purple and blue I don't know which I love better (and that is simply the truth).
Because of this, I always try to incorporate them into my makeup looks be it in small ways by way of in my waterline or mascara or in obvious ways like making it the main focus of the look.
In this look, I made purple the focus of the look. That wasn't hard I must admit as I was wearing a purple striped shirt to work that day.
On second thoughts I decided to pair it with a nude lip especially since I was going to work (and besides a nude lip is my favourite). I used a Zaron eyeshadow sample of purple and silver to do this look. I rarely use makeup during the week so I still have a couple of them. It turned out really subtle and nice, not as loud as I had initially thought.
First time in a long doing a bright look to work, I absolutely needed to Keek the look

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