Product Review: Black Radiance Mosaic Blush in 'Warm Berry'

2 Apr 2013

From peaches to berries, from pinks to reds, I love me some blush and best of all is when it is buildable.
I rarely use mosaic products cos I am usually unsure of the pigmentation (yes, I have been burned before) but knowing Black Radiance products I looked forward to using this product as soon as I got it.

And I was not disappointed. 
This was in my Gifty's Daughter December haul and has featured in a couple of my photshoots since then.
the swatch
- very pigmented
- suitable for all skin types as it can be applied lightly and then built up on darker skin tones
- the high pigmentation also ensures that this product lasts for a long time as a little goes a long way.


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