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12 Apr 2013

Hello everyone, it is friday again yes and soooooo long since my last weekly recap post.

So much has happened since the last time - I have gotten so much more interactions with my Pinterest boards, gotten more followers on Instagram (leading to an increase in my klout score), posted videos on youtube, gotten a Keek account (sharing video updates there too), moved lots of step forward in my natural hair journey and became a contributor to WOW magazine which is totally amazeballs.

Dunno where I am going to start from ..... perhaps from my most recent re-pinned posts on Pinterest
Left to right from the top:
1. A print ad we did for a Client in the office
2. 12 things successful people do differently (I want to be one so I am practising)
3. MUD ad campaign with Genevieve
4. 'Work Hard & Be Nice To People'

And on Instagram, a couple of my favourite pictures this week
Left to right from the top:
1. Accessories Splash photoshoot
2. A truth that I have begun to live by
3 & 4. Abstract Lashes photoshoot with MUFE butterfly lashes
5. My mentions in the April edition of WOW magazine
6. My sunday makeup look
7. FOTD|Purple with Wet n Wild - video
8. A dark lipped FOTD - video

On Keek, 2 of my video updates

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