1923 Face of the Day | My Hair: Winged Blue & Curls

10 Apr 2013

I have had my natural hair on with no protective styling on it for more than a month now but I wanted to show you how it looked when I first took my last twists out.
It was super curly and formed spiral rings the moment I applied a mix of water and conditioner to it. Oh, and coincidentally I have on blue eyes and pink lips on this day too, lol.

I used the Jordana Blue Devine twist-up liner to draw the winged line and smudged it with the blue in the Orekelewa Osenken trio. Did the same thing on my lower lashline too.
What do you think about the hair?


  1. I love love love the blue liner. It's so bold, but it's definitely wearable. I think it's such a fun look for spring and I have to run out and buy blue eyeliner now. Thanks! haha

  2. what lipstick or lip gloss do you have on?


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