28 Daysof Red - Day 10 'Crackle Nails with O.P.I & L.A. Girl'

10 Feb 2013

My VERY FIRST foray into the world of nails, yaaaay!
I know Shatter effect has been around for a couple of years now but I am just being introduced to it so please pardon my excitement. I stumbled on it in a beauty store beside my house and I immediately pounced on it.

Here is the funny part - I had  no idea there was a technique to it. I applied it directly to my nails like nail polish and nothing happened. I then proceeded to check online and read up on crackle nails and gave it a try again. The first time I tried it on, I used silver polish underneath but I definitely prefer this white polish.

I absolutely love it and after this first, I am looking forward to trying more nail experiments.

Did I do good with the crackle nails or is there something else I could have done?

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