28 Days of Red - Day 20 'What is in my bag?'

20 Feb 2013

Ever since my first stint on the blogosphere one post topic which has recurred very often is "What is in my bag?" and it is usually a tag post. I have never participated in one but since I have a red animal skin bag (for the series), I have decided to post one and tag a couple fellow Nigerian bloggers.
christmas gift from a colleague
From left and the top - large purse, notebook, wallet, sunglasses, travalo, lipgloss, hand  cream, Business card holder, chewing gum, lip balm, Blackberry and Nokia phones & Samsung galaxy Note II (used to take this picture)
- Large Purse: I usually have a lot of minor odds and ends in my bag e.g. nail file, business cards I have forgotten to put in the appropriate pile, post-it-note, pain reliever etc. I put them all in this large purse so I don't have to rummage around in the bag for too long.

- Notebook: Ideas always run amok in my head or even something new I learn on the internet or some products I want to look for in the market or the look I plan to achieve for my next shoot. This notebook (or any notebook I happen to be using at the time) is what I always put them all in (I have a pen hooked to the binding to help out everytime).

- Wallet: for my money and ID cards of course.

- Sunglasses: Always have them but rarely wear the. They always hurt my nose regardless of the style. I have used 5 in all and they all hurt.

- Travalo: for when I feel like a scent would do me some good or I need a fresh-up

- Lipgloss: the Zaron Read-My-Lips gloss is my go-to product for a fresh slightly made up look. I always have it rolling around in my bag or in the large purse.

- Hand cream: Fashion Fair dry skin moisturiser is always close at hand. Thanks to Funke I have a couple spare tubes for when this one runs dry.

- Card Holder: I need somewhere to keep my cards right? What better than this Zenith Bank red leather card holder I got from my sis?

- Chewing Gum: for fresh breath always, I turn to Orbit always. I have a pack in my bag so often that my colleagues never ask if I have chewing gum but always request for it whenever they need it.

- Lip Balm: ah, my trusty Blistex balm. Always close at hand to see me through many a dry and patched lip day.

- Blackberry for pings, Nokia dual SIM for all calls and white Samsung Note II (not pictured but used to take this picture) for all social media updates (taking pictures on the go too)

And now, I tag some of my fav Nigerian bloggers:


  1. Thanks girl..I should get to doing mine soon :)

  2. thanks for the tag...i cant wait to do mine!! :D

    The Fashion Engineer

  3. Nice one B, i will do mine too, and i honesty hope i wont be embarrassed.but am surprised no camera wat?


  4. What a neat pile you have there. I could never do this o. My bag is full of Junk!!!

  5. Thanks for the Tag! I Love such 'nosey' posts!


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