28 Days of Red - Day 19 'Sleek Pout Polish in Perfect Plum'

20 Feb 2013

OMG, I missed a day in the series! I should be stoned or slapped or something equally bad. I am so sorry. I will still put up yesterday's post so here goes.

A couple of years back there was a craze for the Sleek pout polishes which came in such beautiful colours it was almost a sin not to fawn over any of them. I joined the band wagon and got the pout polish in Perfect Plum

For a while I used it religiously but being me, I got tired of it and relegated it to the background behind my trusty Blistex lip balm. For this series I got it out again and here it is.
The Sleek website describes this product as 

a tinted lip conditioner that nourishes and feels like a balm, whilst providing the look and colour of a subtle gloss
(unfortunately I mistakenly deleted the pictures of the swatches. I will retake and include in this post as soon as I can)
- I love the feel of it as it is really smooth and glossy.
- High pigmentation as the colours it gives off is truer than that of a tinted lip balm and a subtle gloss. Infact, I would recommend this product for a light feel but full colour lip look
- For me though (perhaps because of my love for balms) it just did not cut it.

However, I know a number of people who loved this product and swear by it. This does not in anyway discredit what they feel about the product but is just my personal opinion.

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