28 Days of Red - Day 17 'Disco Fever Nails'

17 Feb 2013

When I went to purchase the O.P.I. Red Shatter nails I actually saw this nail polish from L.A. Girl. For some reason, it just didn't look like a red colour (and still doesn't especially when I put it side by side with actually red polish). I however made peace with sharing it during the series seeing as it kinda looks like red and even if it isn't an exact red belongs to the red family (all blabber. I sound like a broken record)
Disco Fever
Still learning to paint my nails and take attractive pictures of them as you can see *shame on me*, but I will be strong and patient and in time I will get better. Please be patient with me.

I really love this shade (even though it isn't an exact red), one coat alone covers the nails completely. It really jumps out and is a vibrant shade and has definitely won my heart.

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