28 Days of Red - Day 12 'The Product: BM|Pro Retro Red Lipstick'

12 Feb 2013

It is very well known that matte lipsticks last longer on the lip than other lip formulations. However, one thing to always keep in mind with this formulation is that it does tend to dry out the lips. Hence proper moisturizing of the lips is of utmost importance.

I have a couple of matte lipsticks but none by a Nigerian brand and so I was really excited to purchase this product which is part of the new BM|Pro line of products.
- This product is pigmented enough to give a full coverage after 2 swipes on well moisturised lips (it ismuch harder to get this coverage on lips with product on them or lips that are dry)
- The particular shade of red gives it its name as it is a vintage red colour which is a really good dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo.
- The undertones of this product makes it suitable for a vast majority of complexions.

P.S. Remember to enter the '28 Days of Red' contest to win N50,000 worth of BM|Pro products.


  1. I guess this could be the shade of red lipstick I have been searching for!

    1. You got here before I could respond to your first comment. Yes this is a really universal shade which I am very sure will suit dark skinned complexions.


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