Product Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Silky Glam Quad in ‘Bronze Drama’

24 Jan 2013

Shimmer, shimmer, sparkle, sparkle, golden hues before my eyes

My very first youtube videos, incidentally, were the Maybelline Eye Studio series on how to use both the powder and crème palettes. So you know that I could not resist getting this the very first time I saw it here in Nigeria.

One thing I do remember from the Maybelline videos is all the chrome reflection in them and I must say that I experienced that too while taking pictures of this product (wonder why I didn’t include chrome into the intro verse to this post)

Unlike the Revlon quad, the colour payoff of this palette is way more impressive and thus I am fully satisfied that all the time I spent watching those videos was not in vain.
this came with the quad, after thinking hard I figured it wasn't too bad afterall.
I love the really sparkly finish of the first 2 shades on the left- a really nice whitish-silver shade and gold; and the last 2 lightly darker ones nicely complement them. I must say that my favourite shade is the silver one.

I would recommend this more for personal than professional use. That does not however mean that I will not try this on a couple of Clients before coming to a final conclusion of ‘in the kit or not’. It sure does look perfect for a sparkly night out for a simple but very glam look.

*This product was purchased by me and I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review.

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