For the Love of Pearls

23 Jan 2013

How I wish that pearls didn’t have to be made by Oysters, Oh the joy I would feel with each find of an imperfect new one.
Yes I know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but who said she could not have another best friend …. called Pearls.

It has taken me a long time to get to this point. From being a hand accessories addict to silver to gold and then beads, simple studs and now pearls. I must say that each new phase has been unique in it’s own way. None however, has made me feel more elegant and classy than this new phase.

In the spirit of this new phase, I went out and got myself a couple of new pearl accessories.
my favourite is the smallest one. I wear it everyday.
there are 3 of those turquoise balls on the necklace
a random addition. I saw it, liked it and so bought it.
So what is your latest accessories fetish? Pearls like me?


  1. Though, I don't use pearls but the looks on people who put them on.

    BTW, congratulations for your birthday. I got to know you through Jide Ogunsanya's Blackberry update and thinks knowing more about you would be a perfect thing.

    Happy blogging
    ~ Olawale


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